What to Do If Your Dog Ate a Dryer Sheet

Remain Calm:Try to stay calm, as panicking won’t help the situation.

Gather Information:Note down the brand and type of dryer sheet your dog ingested.

Call a Veterinarian:Contact your veterinarian or the nearest emergency animal hospital.

Contact Animal Poison Control:If your vet is unavailable, you can call an animal poison control hotline.

Do Not Induce Vomiting:Do not try to induce vomiting in your dog without professional guidance.

Observe Your Dog:Monitor your dog closely for any signs of distress, such as vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling, lethargy, difficulty breathing, or seizures.

Keep Your Dog Comfortable:Keep your dog calm and comfortable. Make sure they have access to water, but do not force them to drink.

Prevent Future Incidents:After the immediate situation is resolved, take steps to dog-proof your home to prevent similar incidents in the future.