Top Ten Oldest Cats!

Rubble – 31 Years

Rubble's veterinarian threw a birthday party for him on his 30th birthday, which included a free checkup and his favorite cat food.

Tiger – 31 Years

Tiger's constant companion was a pit bull who he would slap in the head with his paw to keep him in line.

Sasha – 31 Years

Sasha, from Newtownabbey, Ireland, would wander for days until she was too weary to scale the fence, then she would lie in the backyard.

Plucky Sarah – 31 Years

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Grandma Wad — 34 Years

Grandma Wad, a Wichien Maat cat from Thailand, was discovered by the Wanna family as a kitten and lived in a fruit orchard, outliving her four kittens.

Rexs Allen — 34 Years 2 Months

Granpa Rex Allen, adopted from the Humane Society, proved his true age through pedigree papers after escaping Madame Sulinaberg's claim due to an open screen door.

Ma – 34 Years 5 Months

Ma the female tabby was rescued by classical musicians in Drewsteignton, England, after being caught in a gin trap as a kitten. She lived on local butcher's meat until her death on November 5, 1957.

 Puss – 36 Years 1 Day

Puss, a male tabby born in Devon, England on November 28, 1903, passed away on November 29, 1934, one day after his 36th birthday.

Baby – 38 Years

Baby, a black domestic house cat from Duluth, Minnesota, lived until the age of 28, preferred to hide from children, and enjoyed climbing 14 stairs to access his food dish and litter box in the basement.

Creme Puff — 38 Years 3 Days

Creme Puff, the oldest cat ever at 38 years, had a luxurious diet and even enjoyed red wine occasionally, while her owner built special stairs for her comfort.

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