Hedgehog: Hedgehogs are small, low-maintenance pets that are well-suited for apartments or small living spaces.

Sugar Glider: These small, nocturnal marsupials are social and can adapt to life in a small enclosure, but they require plenty of social interaction.

Parakeet (Budgerigar): These small, colorful birds are ideal for small spaces and can be kept in a cage with regular out-of-cage time for exercise.

Gerbil: Gerbils are tiny rodents that are active and require a small habitat but plenty of toys and stimulation.

Fish (Betta, Guppies, or Tetras): Various small fish species like Betta, Guppies, and Tetras can thrive in small aquariums or fish tanks.

Chinchilla: Chinchillas are small, fluffy rodents that enjoy playing and require a cage with multiple levels.

Tarantula: If you're interested in arachnids, some tarantula species make suitable pets for small spaces.

Hermit Crab: These small, low-maintenance crustaceans are great for small enclosures with sand and shells.

African Dwarf Frog: These tiny aquatic frogs can live in a small tank with proper filtration and heating.

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