Top 7 US Cities for Digital Nomads

Austin, TX

Austin has a flourishing digital nomad culture, several coworking spaces, and a diversified culinary scene.

Boulder, Colorado

Digital nomads seek balance between work and outdoor experiences in Boulder's beautiful natural surroundings and healthy lifestyle. The city has a vibrant entrepreneurial community and great quality of life.

Portland, OR

Hipsters, sustainability, and creativity define Portland. Its coffee shops, coworking spaces, and digital nomad communities are many.

Miami, Florida

Digital nomads love Miami for its pleasant weather, active nightlife, and diversified culture. Remote employees like the city's tech and startup scene.

Denver, Colorado

Digital nomads love Denver for its laid-back vibe and thriving tech economy. The city has artisan breweries, coworking spaces, and outdoor activities.

Seattle, Washington

Tech businesses and startups thrive in Seattle. The city has beautiful vistas, a coffee culture, and remote worker assistance.

Asheville, North Carolina

Digital nomads find peace and inspiration amid the Blue Ridge Mountains. Remote workers like its mix of nature, arts, and a booming startup sector.

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