Top 7 Short Legged Cat Breeds

American Curl

While not all American Curls have short legs, some exhibit this trait along with their distinct curled ears.


A rare and unique breed, Dwelf cats have short legs, curled ears, and no fur on their body except for a few patches.

Scottish Fold

These cats have unique folded ears and can also have short legs, adding to their adorable appearance.


Bred by crossing Munchkins with other breeds, Napoleon cats have short legs and a variety of coat patterns.


Known for their short legs, Munchkins have a playful and friendly nature.


A crossbreed between a Munchkin and a Selkirk Rex, Lambkins have short legs and a curly or wavy coat.


Resulting from crossing Munchkins with LaPerms, Skookums have short legs and a curly or wavy coat.

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