Top 7 Dog Friendly Beaches Worldwide

Carmel Beach, California, USA

Carmel Beach is famous for its dog-friendly policies. Dogs can roam off-leash, making it a perfect spot for them to play and enjoy the waves.

West Wittering Beach, England

This Blue Flag beach welcomes dogs year-round, and there are even designated areas for off-leash play.

Noordwijk Beach, Netherlands

Noordwijk Beach offers a wide, sandy shoreline where dogs can run off-leash during specific hours, making it a favorite for dog owners.

Palm Beach, Australia

Dogs can enjoy off-leash fun in the designated areas of Palm Beach. It's a great spot for water-loving pups.

Montrose Dog Beach, Illinois, USA

Located in Chicago, Montrose Dog Beach is an off-leash paradise on Lake Michigan's shores, where dogs can swim and play freely.

Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Crescent Beach offers a dedicated dog-friendly area where your furry friend can have a blast in the surf.

Bournemouth Beach, England

This UK beach provides a designated dog-friendly area where dogs are welcome year-round. It's perfect for a day of sun and sea with your pet.

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