This Is What Your Dog’s Behaviors Should Tell You

Dale Carter

Tail wagging

Generally a sign of happiness and friendliness, but the intensity and position of the wag can convey different meanings.

Body language

A relaxed and loose body posture indicates contentment, while a tense or stiff posture may suggest fear or aggression.


Dogs may bark to communicate a variety of things, such as alerting you to danger, expressing excitement, or seeking attention.

Eye contact

Convey different messages. A soft gaze usually affection, prolonged staring can be seen as a sign of aggression or challenge.

Ear position

Erect ears usually signal attentiveness, while flattened ears might indicate fear or submissiveness.


Dogs may paw at you to seek attention, play, or communicate a need, such as going outside or getting food.

Tail position

A wagging tail held high typically signifies confidence, while a low or tucked tail can indicate fear or submission.

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