These TV Show Episodes That Actually Got Banned

"Mister Rogers Talks About Conflict" - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Controversial arc addressing political paranoia and nuclear war in 1983.

"Home" - The X-Files

Banned for extreme disturbing content featuring an inbreeding family. Aired once in season 4 and subsequently banned.

"Electric Soldier Porygon" - Pokemon

Banned due to a 4-second strobing effect causing seizures in children. Led to Porygon's exclusion from the anime.

"The Encounter" - The Twilight Zone

Banned for perpetuating harmful racial stereotypes. Explores racial and war veteran issues but criticized for its portrayal.

"Episode 847" - Sesame Street

Banned after airing due to parents' concerns about the Wicked Witch of the West's appearance. Outraged parents reported children reacting in fear.

"Mister Skinnylegs" - Peppa Pig

Banned in Australia for potential danger as it portrayed harmless spiders. Episode aimed to convey a positive message but faced criticism.

"Puerto Rican Day" - Seinfeld

Banned for featuring a scene where Kramer accidentally sets a Puerto Rican flag on fire. Viewed as racist, the episode faced backlash and subsequent exclusion.