The Top 9 Herding Dogs for the Farm

Border Collie

Considered one of the best herding breeds due to its intelligence, agility, and strong herding instincts.

Australian Shepherd

Known for its versatility, stamina, and herding abilities, often used for livestock and farm work.

German Shepherd

A versatile and intelligent breed that excels in herding, guarding, and various farm tasks.

Belgian Malinois

Agile, alert, and highly trainable, this breed is often used in herding and farm work.

Old English Sheepdog

Renowned for its herding skills, it has a gentle nature and a distinctive shaggy coat.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Despite its small size, it possesses strong herding instincts and an energetic disposition.


Intelligent, loyal, and easily trainable, collies excel at herding and are excellent farm companions.

Australian Cattle Dog

Bred specifically for herding cattle, this breed is known for its endurance and work ethic.

Shetland Sheepdog

Agile and intelligent, they excel in herding and are well-suited for farm work.

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