The best-hitting MLB pitchers of all time

Brandon Backe: Backe played in eight seasons (2002–2009), the majority of which were unremarkable with a 31–29 career record and a 5.23 ERA.

Ken Brett: Having pitched in 14 seasons with a career 3.93 ERA, George Brett's older brother was a fairly decent player in his own right. It's not unexpected that he had some thunder in his bat, considering his family history.

Bullet Joe Bush: In addition to having a fantastic nickname, Bush was a formidable batter. Throughout his career, the Dead-ball period came to an end and the Live-ball age began.

Madison Bumgarner: Bumgarner's hitting exploits are widely known. With 594 at-bats, or about a whole season's worth, he has hit 19 home runs in his career, taking Clayton Kershaw deep. By far Bumgarner's two best hitting seasons were 2014 and 2015.

Don Drysdale: In the realm of hitting pitchers, Drysdale is an iconic figure. In 1,169 career at-bats, he hit 29 home runs, but what's most impressive about his hitting is that most of his output came in two erratic.

Wes Ferrell: Ferrell's hitting skills can be summed up as follows: He was so good as a hitter that he was frequently utilized in a pinch-hitting role; his 38 career home runs are the all-time record for a pitcher. He also had two seasons with an OPS higher than.

Yovani Gallardo: Despite his stellar early career, Gallardo was not just a pitcher; in 2010, he placed eighth in the National League Cy Young competition. He finished with a and slugged four home runs that season.