Montana's Seven Deadliest Highways


A scenic mountain road known for its steep grades, sharp turns, and potential for adverse weather conditions, making it challenging to navigate.

Beartooth Highway (US-212)


 While breathtakingly beautiful, this winding road through Glacier National Park can be treacherous due to its narrow lanes and steep drop-offs.

Going-to-the-Sun Road (US-2 and MT-49


Stretching from the Canadian border to the southern part of the state, this highway can be prone to accidents due to its length and varying terrain.

Highway 83


Montana's longest interstate, I-90 traverses the state east-west, and its high-speed limits and heavy truck traffic can contribute to potential hazards.

Interstate 90 (I-90)


Running across the northern part of Montana, this highway can experience severe weather conditions, including snowstorms and strong winds.

US Highway 2 (US-2)


Known for its scenic beauty, Highway 12 passes through mountainous regions and can be challenging due to its curves, narrow stretches, and potential for wildlife encounters.

Highway 12


Highway 200 in central Montana may see snowstorms and severe winds, particularly in hilly regions.

Highway 200

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