Joe Biden Is In a World of Trouble

We Are Familiar With Nixon

President Richard Nixon's involvement in the Watergate break-in led to a cover-up, his likely imminent removal through Senate conviction, and subsequent resignation in 1974.

Trump Impeachment Saga

Trump faced two impeachments, one for Ukraine call and the other for Capitol insurrection, but avoided removal due to Senate's lack of conviction.

Joe Biden Now In For Impeachment?

House members file impeachment articles against President Biden, including bribery allegation involving $5 million from a Ukrainian energy firm executive during his vice presidency.

Tennessee Lawmaker Volunteers to Make Biden Pay

Tennessee Republican Congressman Andy Ogles files impeachment articles against Biden and Harris, accusing Biden of public corruption and Harris of failing to uphold her oath to the Constitution.

Boebert Wants In on the Act

Boebert and Ogles introduce impeachment articles against Biden, border enforcement and bribery allegations being the focal points respectively.

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