Fashion Items Men Think Are Cool but Women Find Hilarious

Oversized cargo shorts


Men may think they're practical, but women often find them comically unfashionable.

Socks with sandals


While men may find it comfortable, women often see it as a fashion faux pas that elicits laughter.

Ed Hardy-style graphic shirts


Men may think they're trendy, but women often find the excessive designs and embellishments amusing.

Bluetooth earpieces


Men may think they look tech-savvy, but women often find them amusingly unnecessary accessories.

Fanny packs worn across the chest


Men may find them convenient, but women often see them as comedic fashion choices.

T-shirts with humorous or cheesy slogans


Men may think they're humorous, but women often find them amusingly tacky.

Oversized, logo-emblazoned baseball caps


Men may think they're stylish, but women often find them hilariously over-the-top.

Skinny jeans that are too tight


Men may think they're fashionable, but women often find them amusingly uncomfortable and restrictive.

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