Exercises You Must Try to Lose Belly Fat

Cardiovascular exercises

Running, cycling, swimming, brisk walking.

High-intensity interval training

 Short bursts of intense exercise.

Strength training

 Weightlifting, push-ups, squats, lunges.

Plank exercises

 Engage core muscles, side planks, mountain climbers.

Bicycle crunches

 Lie on back, cycling motion with opposite elbow to knee.

Russian twists

Sit on the floor, twist torso side to side, engage oblique muscles.

Mountain climbers

Start in push-up position, bring knees toward chest alternately.

Pilates or yoga

 Improve core strength, flexibility, posture.

Interval training on the treadmill

Vary speed and incline.

Healthy diet

Reduce calories, choose whole foods, increase fiber, limit sugar and fats.

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