8 Ways You're Wasting Money at the Grocery Store

Shopping Without a List

Without a grocery list, you risk making inefficient trips, forgetting items, and spending more due to unplanned visits.

Paying Delivery Surcharges

Grocery delivery is convenient but comes with higher prices and fees. Opt for free curbside pickup services offered by many stores, saving on delivery costs.

Not Using Coupons

Digital coupons are accessible through store apps and websites. Loyalty programs and digital coupons can lead to significant savings, making it worthwhile to explore these options.

Shopping Only at Supermarkets

Explore budget-friendly options like Aldi, Market Basket, Trader Joe’s, or warehouse clubs such as Costco and Sam’s Club for exclusive discounts and member savings.

Sticking to Brand Names

Consider store brands, which can save around 30% on food. Some items, like sugar and flour, have no quality difference between brands, and store brands often offer sales and coupons.

Choosing Strictly Organic Produce

The Clean Fifteen, identified by the Environmental Working Group, includes fruits and vegetables safe to buy non-organic due to tough, inedible peels.

Ruling Out Online Shopping

Despite potential surcharges, online grocery shopping can save money by preventing impulse purchases.

Not Buying in Bulk and Freezing

Shop at big box clubs for bulk pricing, then prep and freeze items to take advantage of cost savings.