8 ways to prevent hearing loss

Protect your ears from loud noises

Avoid prolonged exposure to loud sounds and use ear protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs, in noisy environments.

Lower the volume

When using headphones or listening to music, keep the volume at a safe level to prevent damage to your ears.

Take listening break

Give your ears regular breaks from continuous exposure to loud sounds, allowing them to rest and recover.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate health management may improve ear health.

Avoid inserting objects into your ears

 Refrain from inserting cotton swabs or other objects into your ears, as it can cause damage to the ear canal and potentially lead to hearing loss.

Be cautious with medications

Antibiotics and chemotherapy treatments may affect hearing. Concerns? Ask your doctor about dangers and options.

Know workplace dangers

Be mindful of workplace dangers and observe safety requirements if you operate in a loud area.

Regular hearing exams

Schedule regular hearing exams to identify hearing loss early and treat it.

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