8 Traits That Define a True Manly Man

Pumping the muscles

Guys that are manly have muscles. Although they don't flaunt their muscles, you can't help but notice them. The majority of women are appreciative that muscles cannot be reproduced, despite the admiration for dad bods.

Sporting a beard

A boy has definitely matured into a man when he has a strong jawline and a beard. A beard seems to be appropriate for powerful people but also on the risky side. That explains why women are such ardent fans of men with facial hair.

Being assertive

Boys like to fight, but being a macho man now means being aggressive rather than fighting. A healthy communicator is one who knows when to ask questions, when to speak out, how to use tone, and when to listen.


Taking chances, being brave, and having an adventurous spirit are all characteristics of a macho guy. Despite your decision to abstain from activities you deem meaningless, you have no fears.

musical aspirations

Deep voices tend to attract women. You can enchant almost anyone if you have any musical ability, are proficient with the guitar, and can maintain a tune. Though times change, discovering your inner musician.

Being a good listener

Knowing that communication is a two-way street is a sign of a real manly man. This entails having the capacity to pay close attention, feel other people's pain, and extend assistance when required.

Knowing how to cook

Being able to whip up a delicious meal is not just a feminine trait. A manly man knows his way around the kitchen and is capable of cooking a tasty and nutritious meal for himself and his loved ones. 

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