8 Surprising Deadly Foods

1. Honey

Unpasteurized honey contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, a poisonous toxin that can cause severe symptoms and even death if consumed.

Potatoes can become dangerous when sprouted due to the presence of glycoalkaloids, requiring caution and proper storage to avoid potential poisoning.

2. Potatoes

3. Cashews 

Steamed "raw" cashews in stores are safe, while true raw cashews can be fatal, especially for those with a poison ivy allergy.

Improperly prepared raw red kidney beans contain harmful lectins that can cause serious illness, necessitating correct soaking and cooking methods for safe consumption.

4. Red Kidney Beans

5. Lima Beans

Lima beans contain linamarin, which can convert into hydrogen cyanide, but proper cooking and thorough draining ensure safety.

Avoid consuming rhubarb leaves due to their oxalic acid content, which can cause kidney stones, and focus on using only the stalks in baking or cooking.

6. Rhubarb

7. Elderberries 

Exercise caution with elderberries due to their potentially fatal cyanide-producing glycoside content when improperly prepared or consumed excessively.

Cassava, also known as tapioca, can turn into hydrogen cyanide if prepared incorrectly or eaten raw, with the potential to be deadly even in the less toxic sweet variety.

8. Cassava

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