8 Long Hairstyle Ideas You Must See Before Going Short

Casual Braids

For any day of the week, but especially on those days when the oppressive Southern heat becomes too much, this side braid is the perfect simple hairdo.

Cascading Highlights

Highlights with an ombré vibe appear ethereal when worn long. Furthermore, certain highlights may require several trips back to the salon chair for maintenance.

Long Natural Curls

While we adore a curly short cut, long, naturally curly hair is simply stunning.

Beachy Waves

Admit it: You've had moments when you've wished for flawless beachy waves that would have made you appear like a member of the Blue Crush set.

Fishtail Top Knot

Nothing says "just rolled out of bed" messier than a top knot. Get Millennial Mama's tutorial on how to make this adorable bun here.

Long Bangs

A benefit of having long hair is that you can wear long bangs that can be pulled back when you want them out of your face.

Lace Braid Ponytail

For those with long hair, ponytails are incredibly convenient, particularly during the summer. Furthermore, stylish looks like this one demonstrate that ponytails.

Glamorous Faux Bob

Don't worry if you're afraid to cut off your long hair and are unable to make the decision! Without making a dramatic cut, you can still sport a short hairdo.