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8 Great Places to Retire Where Health Care Is Pleasant


Offering affordable healthcare and a low cost of living, Ecuador has a growing expat community and favorable retirement conditions.

Costa Rica

Renowned for its universal healthcare system, Costa Rica provides quality medical services and has a favorable climate for retirees.


With a robust healthcare system and a warm Mediterranean climate, Spain offers excellent healthcare services and a high standard of living.


Quality healthcare at a fraction of Western prices, it's a welcoming retirement destination with an excellent healthcare system.


With modern, affordable healthcare and a low cost of living, it is an appealing retirement destination offering quality medical care.


Known for its excellent healthcare system and affordable costs, Portugal offers high-quality medical care and a favorable retirement environment.


Offering accessible and affordable healthcare options, Mexico has a growing number of expatriate retiree communities and a pleasant climate.


Known for its affordable and high-quality healthcare system, Panama offers excellent medical services and attractive retirement benefits.

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