8 Essential Tips for Baby Skin Protection

Limit baby's sun exposure, keep in shade, use hat and loose-fitting clothing, avoid sunscreen for under 6 months, and keep hydrated.


Keep your baby out of the sun

Not all babies require moisturizer, but petroleum-jelly-based products or a dye-free moisturizing lotion can be used for very dry skin; natural plant oils may worsen dry skin.


Be mindful of dry skin

Follow best practices for infant bathing, including regular, using lukewarm water, keeping baths short, and using fragrance-free baby soap when washing their hair and body.



Cradle cap is a common skin condition in babies that usually clears up on its own, but using emollient before washing and talking to a doctor if it persists can help.


Don’t sweat cradle cap

Contact dermatitis in babies can be caused by many things, including saliva, urine and can be treated with at-home remedies such as avoiding the irritant and using unscented moisturizers.


Avoid contact dermatitis triggers

Regularly trim your baby’s nails to prevent scratches, using a non-metal nail file or baby nail clipper, ideally when the baby is asleep or relaxed.


Watch for nail growth

Heat rash is treated by keeping the skin cool and avoiding oil-based products; medical attention should be sought if the rash does not improve after 3 days, if the skin is infected


Help prevent heat rash

Keep the umbilical cord area clean and dry, without applying any substance, until it falls off on its own in about 1 to 3 weeks.


Care for the umbilical cord

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