8 Easy and Fun Dog Tricks to Train Your Dog

Sit Command:Teaching your dog to sit is one of the basic commands.

Stay Command:Teaching your dog to stay is essential for their safety.

Shake Hands:This trick is a crowd-pleaser. Command your dog to sit, then gently pick up one of their paws and shake it while saying “shake” or “paw.”

Lie Down Command:Start with your dog in a sitting position. Hold a treat near their nose, then lower your hand straight down to the floor.

Roll Over:Have your dog lie down. Hold a treat close to their nose and move your hand in a circular motion towards their shoulder.

Fetch:Teaching your dog to fetch is a great way to engage them physically and mentally. Start with a favorite toy.

Speak/Bark on Command:This trick involves getting your dog to bark on cue. First, find a trigger that makes your dog bark naturally, such as ringing the doorbell.

High-Five:Get your dog into a sitting position. Hold a treat in your hand and raise it slightly above their head.

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