8 Dogs with Long Ears

Basset Hound: Basset Hounds are famous for their long, droopy ears, which help trap scents and enhance their exceptional sense of smell.

Bloodhound: Bloodhounds have long, velvety ears that assist in their scent tracking abilities, as they collect and direct scent particles toward their nose.

Cocker Spaniel: Cocker Spaniels have long, silky ears that frame their faces beautifully and give them an elegant appearance.

Irish Setter: Irish Setters have long, floppy ears that add to their graceful and athletic appearance.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Cavaliers are known for their charming, long, and feathered ears that contribute to their sweet and friendly demeanor.

English Springer Spaniel: English Springer Spaniels have long, pendulous ears that add to their endearing, cheerful look.

Borzoi: Borzois, also known as Russian Wolfhounds, have long, slender ears that complement their graceful and aristocratic appearance.

Beagle: Beagles have long, droopy ears that help funnel scents to their nose, making them excellent scent hounds.