8 Best Hairless Cat Breeds for a Unique Pet Pal

Sphynx: The Sphynx is perhaps the most well-known hairless breed, known for its distinctive appearance and affectionate nature.

Donskoy (Don Sphynx): Donskoys come in various coat types, including the hairless variety. They are friendly and sociable.

Peterbald: Peterbalds are known for their slender bodies, long legs, and varied coat types, including hairless, making them captivating pets.

Bambino: Bambinos are a cross between the Sphynx and the Munchkin breed, known for their hairless bodies and short legs.

Ukrainian Levkoy: Ukrainian Levkoys have a distinct appearance with folded ears and a hairless coat. They are friendly and playful.

Elf Cat: Elf Cats are a unique crossbreed, combining the Sphynx and the American Curl. They have hairless bodies and distinctive curled ears.

Kohana: Kohana cats are a newer hairless breed, known for their unique and striking appearance.

Lykoi (Werewolf Cat): Lykoi cats have a partially hairless coat and are known for their resemblance to werewolves, with patchy fur and a mysterious appearance.

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