8 Best Dog Breeds for Older Adults

Bichon Frise: The fluffy tiny bichon frise is a happy and friendly dog who makes a great companion. With an average weight of 7 to 12 pounds, most individuals can manage this little breed comfortably.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The Cavalier is a popular puppy-like spaniel that is both friendly and versatile. This little dog is usually happiest while snuggling with its owner. 

French Bulldog: It's nearly impossible to be unhappy around the cheerful Frenchie. French bulldogs are one of the most happy canine breeds.

Greyhound: Despite their average weight of 60 to 80 pounds, they are typically quite sensitive to training and easy to manage. If you enjoy larger dogs but are concerned about managing them, the greyhound is a breed to consider.

Maltese: A Maltese, like the bichon, is the perfect tiny white lap dog. This breed prefers spending time on its owner's lap and going for short, gentle walks.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi: If you're looking for a little to medium dog who makes an excellent companion, the corgi may be the one for you. This breed weighs 24 to 30 pounds, which is still tiny enough for most people to manage. 

Pomeranian: If you prefer a small dog, a 3- to 7-pound Pom is another easy-to-handle option for your bag. This breed is a friendly and cheerful companion.

Poodle: The poodle is one of the smartest and most popular dog breeds. Best of all, there are three sizes available: tiny toy poodle, small miniature poodle, and huge standard poodle.