The Standard American Bully is the original and most common type. They have a well-balanced build, muscular frame, and a confident and outgoing temperament.


Pocket American Bullies are smaller in size compared to the Standard type. They retain the same muscular build but are compact and more suitable for smaller living spaces.

XL (Extra Large)

XL American Bullies are larger and heavier than the Standard type. They possess a more robust and heavily muscled appearance, often with an imposing stature.


The Classic American Bully type is reminiscent of the original bulldog ancestors. They have a bulkier frame, wider chest, and a more pronounced head structure.


Extreme American Bullies have an exaggerated muscular build with extremely thick bones and a heavily pronounced head. They are known for their eye-catching and muscular appearance.


Micro American Bullies are the smallest in size within the breed. They have all the characteristics of the Standard type but in a miniature form, often weighing under 30 pounds.

Pocket Classic

This type combines the traits of both the Pocket and Classic American Bullies. They have a compact size like the Pocket type but retain the broader and stockier build of the Classic type.

Standard Classic

The Standard Classic American Bully is a variation of the Standard type that resembles the Classic type in terms of a broader frame and more pronounced head structure.

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