7 Weird Cat Behaviors You're Not Sure About

Kneading: Cats often push their paws in and out against soft surfaces, like your lap or a blanket.

Head-Butting: When your cat head-butts you, they're showing affection. It's a way of marking you with their scent glands located on their cheeks, essentially claiming you as their own.

Biting Gently: Playful biting is common in cats and is usually a way of engaging with you. They're often testing boundaries and practicing hunting behaviors.

Hiding: Cats may hide in unusual places when they're not feeling well or when they want solitude. It's their way of finding a safe and quiet space.

Chattering at Birds: Cats sometimes make a chattering noise when they see birds or other prey animals through a window. It's believed to be a mixture of excitement and frustration.

Bringing "Gifts": When your cat brings you "gifts" like dead mice or birds, they're mimicking their natural hunting instincts. It's a sign that they consider you part of their family and are trying to provide for you.

Staring: Cats often stare at things, whether it's a spot on the wall or an invisible "intruder." This behavior can be attributed to their keen sense of hearing and instinctual readiness to pounce on potential prey.

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