Classic Tortoiseshell: Classic tortoiseshell cats have a predominantly black coat with patches of orange and cream.

Dilute Tortoiseshell: Dilute tortoiseshell cats have a softer color palette. Instead of vibrant black, orange, and cream, their coat colors are diluted to gray, buff, and light orange.

Chocolate Tortoiseshell: Chocolate tortoiseshell cats have a base color that resembles dark chocolate, with patches of lighter brown and cream.

Blue Cream Tortoiseshell: Blue cream tortoiseshell cats have a bluish-gray base color (referred to as "blue") with patches of cream.

Tortoiseshell Tabby: Some tortoiseshell cats also have tabby markings.

Calico: Calico cats, also known as tricolor cats, have a combination of white, black, and orange (or their diluted counterparts: gray and buff).

Tortoiseshell Bicolor: Tortoiseshell bicolor cats have a combination of tortoiseshell patterns and white markings.

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