7 types of Abyssinian Cat Breed

Ruddy Abyssinian: The most common and traditional color, ruddy Abyssinians have a warm, reddish-brown coat with darker ticking, which creates a wild appearance reminiscent of a wildcat.

Blue Abyssinian: Blue Abyssinians have a slate-blue coat with the same ticked pattern as the ruddy variety. They are known for their lovely silvery-blue coloring.

Fawn Abyssinian: Fawn Abyssinians have a lighter, cream-colored coat with ticked fur, resulting in a soft and elegant appearance.

Chocolate Abyssinian: These cats have a rich, warm brown coat with darker ticking. The chocolate variety is a less common color within the breed.

Lilac Abyssinian: Lilac Abyssinians have a pale, lavender-grey coat with darker ticking, creating a unique and delicate appearance.

Cinnamon Abyssinian: Cinnamon Abyssinians have a warm, reddish-brown coat similar to the ruddy variety, but the ticking pattern is more uniform and may appear darker.

Fawn Abyssinian: This variety is often referred to as "Sorrel" in some cat associations. They have a warm reddish-brown coat with distinct ticking, creating a lively and vibrant appearance.

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