7 Ponytail Hairstyles Perfect For Upping Your Hair Game In 2024

Retro High Pony

A huge resurgence of this classic ponytail hairdo has been observed. Pull that ponytail up high, leave out a chunky section of hair in the front to sweep to the side.

Bubble Half-Ponytail

Ponytail half-up, but much, much better. Create a "bubble effect" with clear elastics, then fasten each with an amusing barrette.

Studio 54 Ponytail

This is the simplest method to make your curls look extremely elegant: business up front, party in back.

Ponytail Updo

Ponytail, but dress it up! Though it looks much easier than it is, this ponytail-updo hybrid. To begin, arrange your hair in a half-up style and fasten it with a transparent elastic.

Half-Braided Low Pony

The easiest thing to do is a low ponytail, but a fast braid at the base instantly transforms it into a nighttime look. Try styling it in a fishtail braid to add some variation.

Bobby-Pinned Ponytail

You never realized that your reliable pins might become your go-to accessory. They'll start working as soon as you align them with your sleek ponytail.

Curly Ultra-High Pony

Curls everywhere. Gather the top half of your hair into an extremely high ponytail and then draw the remaining hair into a ponytail just below it to create the illusion of even more volume.