7 Easy Camping Meals You Can Actually Make Outdoors

Campfire Tinfoil Packets: Wrap diced potatoes, vegetables, and your choice of protein (like chicken, sausage, or fish) in aluminum foil with seasonings and butter.

One-Pot Pasta: Boil pasta in a large pot over a camping stove or campfire and add pre-made pasta sauce, canned vegetables, and precooked protein like sausage or chicken.

Campfire Quesadillas: Place tortillas, cheese, and your choice of fillings (such as beans, veggies, or chicken) between two sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Grilled Skewers: Thread chunks of marinated meat (chicken, beef, or shrimp) and vegetables onto skewers. Grill them over the campfire or on a portable grill for a simple and flavorful meal.

Campfire Pizza: Use premade pizza dough or pita bread as the crust. Top it with pizza sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings, then cook it in a cast iron skillet over the campfire

Pancakes: Prepare pancake mix ahead of time and bring it in a squeeze bottle. Cook the pancakes on a griddle or in a non-stick skillet over your campfire or camping stove. 

Breakfast Burritos: Scramble eggs, cook some bacon or sausage, and warm tortillas. Wrap the eggs, meat, and some cheese in the tortillas, and you have a delicious breakfast option.

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