7 Classy Wedding Nail Ideas for Every Style of Bride

Pearl Wedding Nails With French Manicure

Get your hands on some pearls and nail adhesive, then use your nails as a miniature canvas to create elegant yet contemporary wedding nails. They go great together if you're thinking about wearing a pearl wedding dress

Simple Wedding Nails in Warm Nude

How about going with two very similar nude tones for your plain wedding manicures if you're more of a minimalist? These sophisticated wedding nails by The Hot Blend appear to be all one shade of nude at first glance.

Nude Wedding Nails With Gold Detail

This design, which includes a pinky nude nail with a sparkling white tip and a straightforward gold circle in the center of each nail, adds a unique twist to the traditional French tip wedding nails. 

Rose Gold Wedding Nails With Cuticle 

Choose a luxurious rose gold base color for your reverse French tip wedding nails, as demonstrated by nail artist Charlotte Knight. The iridescent gloss on this specific shade of rose gold looks stunning against the stark white cuticle detail. 

Classy Wedding Nails With Gold Tip

Use this design by The Hot Blend as inspiration and choose a gold French tip design if you want gold wedding nails but aren't a fan of all-over coloring. The colors gold and nude go quite well together.

Monochrome French Tip Wedding Nails

We genuinely adore black wedding nails, particularly when paired with a stylish black wedding gown. However, black is a really stylish nail color to wear, especially when utilized in a French tip design, even if your style is more traditional.

Nude Wedding Nails With Glitter

The milky manicure has become a major trend this year, and the glistening white nails are very bridal. It's more delicate. Compared to a sheer nude, it's a gentler take on a stark white manicure with a little more color added.