Scottish Terrier (Scottie): The Scottish Terrier is a small, sturdy, and independent breed known for its distinctive appearance with a wiry coat and upright ears. They are loyal and make excellent companions.

Border Collie: Border Collies are highly intelligent and energetic herding dogs. They excel in agility and obedience and are known for their remarkable work ethic.

Cairn Terrier: Made famous by "Toto" in "The Wizard of Oz," Cairn Terriers are small, tenacious, and brave. They are excellent family dogs and make good companions.

West Highland White Terrier (Westie): Westies are small, white terriers known for their friendly and confident personalities. They have a distinctive all-white coat.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier: Dandie Dinmont Terriers are small dogs with a distinctive topknot of hair on their heads. They are affectionate and make great family pets.

Golden Retriever: While not originally Scottish, Golden Retrievers are highly popular in Scotland. They are known for their friendly and gentle nature, making them fantastic family dogs.

Scottish Deerhound: Scottish Deerhounds are large, majestic dogs used for hunting deer. Despite their size, they are gentle giants and make calm and loyal companions.

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