6 Ways to Get Your Dog to Be Happy About Going to the Vet

Positive Associations


Start by creating positive associations with the vet's office. Take your dog for occasional visits to the clinic just for friendly greetings and treats, so they don't only associate it with medical procedures.

Regular Car Rides


Take your dog for rides in the car regularly, even if it's not for a vet visit. This helps reduce anxiety about car travel, a common source of stress when going to the vet.



Gradually expose your dog to the clinic environment. Let them explore the waiting room and get treats from the staff, without any medical procedures taking place.

Positive Reinforcement


Use positive reinforcement during the visit. Reward your dog with treats and praise for calm behavior and cooperating with the vet.

Familiar Scent


Bring a blanket or toy from home with a comforting scent to help your dog feel more at ease during the visit.

Regular Check-ups


Schedule regular wellness check-ups, not just when your dog is unwell. This establishes a routine, making vet visits more familiar and less stressful.

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