7 Purrfect DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Cat

Pumpkin Kitty: Turn your cat into a little pumpkin by cutting arm and leg holes in a small orange T-shirt. Make a stem hat to complete the look.

Witch Cat: Dress your cat as a witch by creating a mini witch hat and cape. Be sure not to obstruct your cat's vision, and ensure the costume is comfortable.

Bat Cat: Craft a pair of bat wings from black felt and attach them to your cat's harness. This costume is simple and cute.

Lion Mane: Create a lion's mane using faux fur or yarn in various shades of brown. Attach it to your cat's collar to give them the appearance of a lion.

Superhero Cat: Design a tiny cape with your cat's favorite superhero emblem or initial. Attach it to their collar or harness for a heroic look.

Mummy Cat: Wrap your cat in gauze or strips of an old white T-shirt, leaving space for their eyes and nose. Be gentle and ensure your cat is comfortable.