6 Egyptian Cat Breeds

Egyptian Mau: The Egyptian Mau is believed to be one of the most ancient cat breeds and has a history that dates back to ancient Egypt. It is known for its spotted coat and is considered a natural breed.

Sphynx: While the Sphynx cat is often associated with ancient Egypt due to its unique appearance, it does not have direct Egyptian origins. The breed originated in Canada in the 1960s and is known for its hairless coat.

Abyssinian: The Abyssinian cat is not originally from Egypt, but it is often associated with the country due to its resemblance to ancient Egyptian depictions of cats. 

Burmese: The Burmese cat is not an Egyptian breed, but it is sometimes mistaken for one due to its round face and muscular build. It originated in Burma (now Myanmar) and has a short, glossy coat.

Mau Egyptien: The Mau Egyptien, also known as the Egyptian Mau, is a breed recognized in France. It is similar to the Egyptian Mau but has some differences in appearance and temperament.

Chausie: The Chausie is a hybrid breed that originated from the crossbreeding of domestic cats and jungle cats. While it is not an ancient Egyptian breed, it is sometimes associated with Egypt

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