5 Pointless National Holidays in the USA

Columbus Day


Christopher Columbus colonized and mistreated Indigenous peoples, making Columbus Day controversial. Some say the event celebrates a figure who harmed Native Americans.

Valentine's Day


While many people celebrate Valentine's Day as a day of love and romance, others see it as a commercialized holiday that encourages people to show their love with gifts instead of words.

Presidents' Day


Presidents' Day is typically considered as a generic holiday, with many seeing it as a day off work without much personal importance or connection to honoring U.S. presidents.

Arbor Day


Arbor Day, dedicated to tree planting and conservation, may be considered less impactful by some due to a lack of widespread participation or awareness compared to other holidays.

Flag Day


Flag Day, commemorating the adoption of the U.S. flag, is not widely celebrated or recognized compared to other national holidays such as Independence Day or Memorial Day.

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