5 Best Apps to Track Your Pet's Health

PetDesk: PetDesk is a comprehensive pet health app that allows you to schedule appointments, set medication reminders, and access your pet's medical records.

Barkio: Formerly known as Dog Monitor, Barkio allows you to keep an eye on your pet remotely. It provides video monitoring, two-way audio communication

Pawtrack: Pawtrack is an app designed to track your pet's location and activity. It includes GPS tracking, an activity log, and the ability to set safe zones to receive alerts

Pet First Aid: The American Red Cross offers a Pet First Aid app that provides valuable information on how to handle common pet emergencies, from injuries to illnesses.

Petable: Petable is a health and wellness app that helps you track your pet's diet, medications, and activity. It also provides personalized health recommendations based on your pet's profile.