5 Beautiful Arizona Castles

Tovrea Castle, The Wedding Cake Castle

Tovrea Castle, also known as The Wedding Cake Castle, is a stunning old castle in Phoenix with Italianate and Art Deco architecture, surrounded by beautiful cactus gardens.

The Somewhat Controversial El Cid

El Cid, a controversial Spanish-style castle in Sunnyslope, initially planned as a grand recreational facility with Medicare funds, inspired by the film "El Cid."

A Gorgeous Castle Carved Into a Mountain

Copenhaver Castle, a European-style castle in Phoenix, built by Dr. Mort Copenhaver on Camelback Mountain, but later lost due to bankruptcy.

Montezuma’s Castle, a National Monument

Montezuma Castle in Camp Verde, Arizona: Sinagua dwellings built into a limestone cliff, with a five-story apartment block and 20 rooms, constructed over centuries.

A Gorgeous Castle in Its Own Way

Boyce Luther Gulley built a sandcastle-like castle in Phoenix using unconventional materials, fulfilling his daughter Mary Lou's dream of a unique home at the South Mountain Park foothills.

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