10 Things Foreigners Hate About America

Gun culture and high rates of gun violence

Alarming prevalence of firearms and ease of access.

Complex, costly, and lacks universal coverage.

Healthcare system

Contributing to unhealthy eating habits and obesity rates.

Portion sizes and unhealthy food culture

Frustration due to limited and inefficient public transportation systems.

Lack of comprehensive public transportation

Deep divisions along political lines hindering progress and unity.

Political polarization and divisiveness

Prohibitive costs limit opportunities for academic pursuits.

Cost and accessibility of education

Emphasis on acquisition and material wealth over other aspects of life.

Consumerism and materialistic culture

Criticism of interventionist approach impacting global stability.

Foreign policy and interventionism

Limited awareness or interest in global affairs among some Americans.

Perception of ignorance about the world

Lengthy, complex, and bureaucratic challenges for foreigners navigating the system.

Visa and immigration processes

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