10 steps to take if an earthquake hits

If you are inside a building, stay there. Avoid running outside as you may be exposed to falling debris or collapsing structures.

Stay Indoors

Avoid windows, glass, mirrors, and other breakables during the earthquake. Avoid glass injuries.

Stay Away from Windows

Secure heavy furniture, appliances, and other objects that may topple or become hazards during shaking. Anchor them to the wall or floor.

Secure Heavy Items

Contrary to common opinion, earthquake doors are not safe. Better to hide beneath heavy furniture or against interior walls.

Stay Clear of Doorways

Aftershocks may occur. If shaking continues, repeat the "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" technique.

Be Prepared for Aftershocks

Stay as calm as possible during the earthquake. Panicking can hinder your ability to make safe decisions and take appropriate actions.

Stay Calm

If safe to do so, turn off gas, electricity, and water supplies to reduce the risk of fire, gas leaks, or further damage.

Turn Off Utilities

Follow emergency broadcasts, government orders, and keep informed. Update using a battery-powered radio or smartphone.

Stay Informed

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