10 interesting dog breeds around the world

Azawakh (West Africa)

Azawakhs are slender and elegant sighthounds originating from West Africa, used by Tuareg nomads for hunting in the Sahara Desert.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier (Scotland/England)

This small terrier breed is known for its distinctive topknot and unique appearance, with a strong and dignified personality.

Leonberger (Germany)

Leonbergers are gentle giants from Germany, known for their strength and friendly demeanor. They were originally bred as working dogs.

Chinese Crested (China)

Chinese Cresteds are known for their hairless bodies and tufted heads, often resembling little divas. They make charming and affectionate companions.

Thai Ridgeback (Thailand)

These dogs have a distinctive ridge of hair along their back. They were originally bred in Thailand for hunting and guarding.

Bergamasco (Italy)

Bergamascos are known for their unique, mop-like coats. They have a calm and protective nature and were used as herding dogs in the Italian Alps.

Ibizan Hound (Spain)

Ibizan Hounds are sleek and agile dogs from Spain. They are used for hunting rabbits and possess a friendly and active personality.

Finnish Lapphund (Finland)

These are friendly and versatile herding dogs from Finland, known for their fluffy double coats and love for outdoor activities.

Irish Water Spaniel (Ireland)

Irish Water Spaniels are one of the largest spaniel breeds, known for their curly, water-resistant coat and love for swimming.

Tibetan Terrier (Tibet)

Despite their name, Tibetan Terriers were not originally bred for terrier work. They are small, charming dogs known for their friendly and protective nature.

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