10 Best Drinks For a Hangover

Hydration is crucial. Drink plenty of water to replenish fluids and counteract dehydration caused by alcohol.


Rich in electrolytes, coconut water helps restore hydration and replenish essential minerals.

Coconut Water

Drinks like Gatorade or Powerade can provide electrolytes and help restore fluids, aiding in rehydration.

Sports Drinks

Ginger has calming properties that can soothe nausea and settle the stomach, offering relief from hangover-related symptoms.

Ginger Tea

Known for its soothing effects on the digestive system, peppermint tea can help alleviate nausea and discomfort.

Peppermint Tea

Lemon water with a pinch of salt can help rehydrate the body, balance electrolytes, and improve digestion.

Lemon Water

Natural fruit juices, such as orange or cranberry juice, can provide vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars to boost energy levels.

Fruit Juice

Nutrient-rich bone broth contains electrolytes, amino acids, and minerals, which can help replenish nutrients and support recovery.

Bone Broth

Herbal infusions like dandelion or chamomile tea can support liver function and aid in detoxification.

Herbal Detox Infusions

Rich in vitamins and minerals, tomato juice can help restore electrolytes and provide a boost of nutrients.

Tomato Juice

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