08 original boy dog names with meanings

Rocco (Italian origin): Meaning "rest," Rocco is a strong and original name for your male dog, signifying a place of calm in your life.

Maverick (American origin): This name implies independence and non-conformity, making it perfect for a dog with a strong and free-spirited personality.

Zephyr (Greek origin): Zephyr signifies a gentle, warm breeze, making it a great choice for a calm and soothing canine companion.

Finnegan (Irish origin): Derived from the Irish name Fionn, this name means "fair" or "white-haired," making it ideal for dogs with light-colored fur.

Ragnar (Norse origin): This strong name means "warrior" or "judgment warrior" and is fitting for a courageous and determined canine.

Gulliver (English origin): Inspired by the literary character, Gulliver means "glutton" or "greedy," making it playful for a food-loving dog.

Orion (Greek origin): Orion is the name of a prominent constellation, symbolizing strength and power, a suitable choice for a majestic dog.

Nash (English origin): Nash means "by the ash tree," making it a unique and nature-inspired name for your loyal canine friend.